Remedial Massage

This type of massage is a deep tissue massage that focuses on the soft tissues that surround the skeletal structure. By that definition it goes beyond the standard ‘holistic’ massage (which is relaxing and normally non-specific) and will focus on specific pain and injury. Whilst a ‘painful’ area of injury might be treated in depth, the pain might not always be relevant to the area the pain originates from. I treat the body as a whole, not just the injury in isolation as normally there is a root cause; it’s important to get to the bottom of that initial injury / incorrect posture / movement so there is a long term solution to the area of pain.

On a physical level, deep tissue massage stimulates circulation and aids lymphatic drainage therefore promoting faster healing as well as improving overall well-being. Working at both an emotional and neurological level, massage retrains the brain to release muscle tension and allow the overall body to relax and restoring balance.

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